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The Phobia Listings
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What is TPL?
TPL is The Phobia Listings which can be found at thephobialistings.org. The idea of it is exaclty as is the idea with thefanlistings.org and the hatelistings.org and thenamelistings.org. What makes TPL different is that it approves all listings for fears and phobias. If you fear spiders, for example, than you can either build its phobia listing or join the already made one for it. Also, all fears listed have their scientific phobia name. Fear of: spiders - arachnophobia

What is TPL's Livejournal Community?
This is The Phobia Listings Livejournal Community. What a community is, is a place where everyone can post entries. Why would you want to post an entry at TPL's Community, you ask? If you were just approved for a phobia listing and have built it and everything, to drive more traffic to it, besides having it listed at TPL, you can write an entry here; at the community, telling everyone about your phobia listing and asking others who also have that phobia/fear to join it!

Who Can Write An Entry Here?
It is a good thing if you actually JOIN the community, but anyone can post an entry..even if you are not a member of this community. If you'd just like to post 1 entry about your first phobia listing and that's most likely going to be all the entries you write and you'd really not like to join the community, than you can just post an entry without having to join.